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Important TITAN COMMERCIAL UVC Information

What is UVC?

UVC are light photons produced between 100 to 280 nanometers (nm) wavelengths. 280nm is best wavelength for reducing indoor airborne pathogens.

History of UVC

1930 scientists at Harvard University found UVC effective in reducing indoor airborne pathogens:

UVC light not visible.

UVC light is not visible to the human eye so NEXNORD engineers have added a faint glow to the LEDs to show that the device is on.


UVC light can damage human tissue so when installing or servicing the Titan UVC LED air duct light, you MUST

  1. UVC light protective eyeglasses like these to protect you from damaging your cornea. NEXNORD will provide these to Titan UVC LED light installers and service technicians at no charge.
  2. Long sleeves shirt, pants and latex or work gloves
  • Look directly at the UVC light.
  • Expose skin under the UVC.